PALATINE, Illinois, USA, April 13, 2018 — It’s been a momentous month since the last issue of the APC newsletter. As the company’s aluminum anodizing continues to gain accolades and orders, APC continues to create customer value through its patented, decorative magnesium plating process and automotive chrome expertise.

Our latest newsletter features:

Bright Dip Gold Anodizing: Luminous Aluminum Brake Calipers are processed by APC’s application engineers.

Chrome: Quad Nickel Processing Is Essential: When it comes to plating chrome on exterior automotive components, it’s essential that your metal finishing partner employs a Quad Nickel Coating System.

Decorative Plating On Magnesium: Lightweight and gaining in popularity, magnesium is the ideal substrate for applying decorative finishes on automotive, aerospace and other industrial components with intricate geometries. View Our Video!

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