SelectConnect Technologies

Metal Finishing Suppliers Provide Comprehensive Solutions for Various Industry Applications

SelectConnect Technologies, a division of Arlington Plating Company, offers two methods to metalize three dimensional (3D) molder interconnects. These include laser direct structuring (LDS) and electroless plating of double shot molded plastic components.

SelectConnect Technologies uses laser structuring and electroless metallization to create metallic circuits and traces on molded thermoplastic components. How is this done? Once the electrical and mechanical engineers can agree where to use this technology, the following steps are used:

  1. Develop a prototype mold using an LDS resin
  2. Translate the CAD files for the circuit traces into laser plotting files
  3. Laser structure the molded component
  4. Electroless copper, electroless nickel, immersion gold plate the structured molding
  5. Test your component
  6. Go into production!

At SelectConnect we also have developed a process to selectively metalize circuits or patterns on double shot injection molded thermoplastic components. Double shot molding uses different types of plastic to create a catalytic contrast where we can activate and electroless plate one of the plastics while the other plastic remains un-plated. The metal plating process also includes electroless copper, electroless nickel, and can include immersion gold.

These technologies could be used for a wide range of electro-mechanical applications including:

  • Antennas (cell phone antennas are the largest application for this technology)
  • Automotive Component (sensors, steering column integration, antennas)
  • Medical Device Miniaturization
  • Military/Aerospace Component
  • RFID
  • Security Shields
  • Sensor Packaging

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