Our aluminum anodizing operation meets the following specifications to ensure the high corrosion protection with a diversity of color options.

  • GMW14665
  • MIL-A-8625 Type II
  • MIL F – 14072 E511, Type II
  • MIL STD 171, 7.2.1 & 7.2.2
  • AMS 2471(Undyed) / 2472(Dyed)
  • ASTM B580, Type Bthrough F
  • BS EN ISO 12373 • DPS-11.05
  • DPS-11.06 • AA-M12C22A41

GM Approval

Our fully automated aluminum anodizing operation was approved by General Motors within three months of being installed.

  • The aluminum anodizing line meets the GMW14665 material specification, “Anodic Oxidation Coating on Aluminum,” exterior automotive trim parts up to 100″ are processed though the 5000 ft.2 line.
  • The GM approval certifies that Arlington Plating Company is highly qualified to anodize exterior aluminum parts that address both Class A and Class B alkaline pH requirements, as well as decorative interior trim applications.

The GM team’s extensive review included an audit of the 44 process tanks that comprise the anodizing line, as well as best practices and standard operating procedures performed by Arlington Plating Company. GM noted that the installation of the automated line, representing over a $2 million dollar investment, factored into granting GMW14665 approval so quickly.

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  • MIL-M-3171C