Satin Chrome Plating

Satin Nickel Electroplating Combines Chrome Finish Options

The term “satin nickel” years ago referred to a bright nickel finish that was electroplated over a substrate that we polished with a scotch bright abrasive. The abrasive left a pattern that showed through the electroplating. This pattern in the substrate dulled the reflectivity of the metal plating and was the basis for the satin nickel process.

Modern satin nickel chemistries do not rely on surface finishing to produce the satin appearance. These newer processes use emulsions of hydrocarbons to impart small pits into the nickel plated deposit. Depending on the intensity of the pitting, we can produce a light satin appearance or a dark satin appearance. These chemistries require more control than traditional nickel plating. However, since the modern satin nickel chemistries do not need abrasives, the metal polishing step can be eliminated and the overall cost to produce a satin nickel deposit is lower now than it was years ago.

Satin nickels can be combined with bright chrome or black chrome to produce a range of appearance colors. From a light gray or shiny color to a frosty black dull color, the satin nickel helps to give design engineers several options to choose for the final metal finish. When using a satin nickel finish, it is important to establish a minimum and maximum range for the intensity of the satin finish.

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