Oil & Gas

The exceptional corrosion and wear resistance of Arlington Plating Company’s electroless nickel finishes are engineered to meet severe climatic conditions synonymous with the Oil & Gas industry. The high phosphorus, durable coatings protect against rust, surface cracks and erosion caused by slurry, sea salt and other contaminants.

Our electroless nickel lines are matched with the industry’s most trusted surface finishing veterans and technical application engineers. By closely collaborating with our customers, uniform deposit thicknesses and repeatable internal compressive stress are achieved to ensure that quality assurance is plated within each part.

With advanced capabilities to plate over a wide range of metals, we process parts as big as 1’x2’x6” weighing up to 10 pounds. Our electroless nickel finishes withstand the harsh environments endured by a diversity of offshore, onshore and downhole components, such as:

  • Ball Valves
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Motor Pumps
  • Rotors
  • Drilling systems
  • Rig mechanisms
  • Flow control devices
  • Cylinders, barrels, traps
  • Downhole machinery
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EN Brass

Ferrous Metals

Black EN Aluminum

Zinc Die Cast


Ferrous Metals



Why Choose Electroless Nickel Plating for Oil & Gas Applications?

  • Lower part fabrication costs
  • Extend service life
  • Reduce manufacturing interruptions due to unplanned shutdowns

From the pipeline to your facility, parts processed by Arlington Plating Company provide the ultimate in corrosion and wear protection.

*Based on application.