Metal Polishing and Buffing Capabilities

Metal Polishing Service from the Industry Experts for 60+ Years

Arlington Plating Company has been polishing and buffing metals for over 60 years. The metal finishing that we do is usually to prepare the metal part for electroplating. The metal polishing and buffing process uses a wide range of materials and methods to smooth a surface depending on the original condition of the part. Castings with parting lines of sufficient size may need to be polished with an 80 grit abrasive and then finished with a progressively higher grit sequence of polishing abrasives. Polishing witness marks can also be removed with a range of buff treatments and compounds. The treatments vary in texture and stiffness depending on the application/use and the buff compound materials which actually effect the finishing.

At Arlington Plating Company we have an experienced metal polishing service team who develops our technical processes and produces the work. We use polishing lathes and a return type automatic polishing table to run product which requires polish and buff prior to metal plating.

Copper Buffing” is a metal finishing strategy which adds two extra steps to the metal finishing process, producing the smoothest finish for chrome plating product. With the “copper buffing approach” a magnesium, zinc, or aluminum die casting would first get polished and buffed. The second step is to deposit a thick layer (0.002-3”) of copper. The third step is to buff the copper. The final step is to nickel chrome plate the part. This process produces what we call “Show Chrome”.

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