Plating Electronics

Metal Finishing Service for Electronics Manufacturers

Electroplated nickel, electroless nickel, immersion gold, and white bronze are some of the metal finishing coatings used on electronic applications to provide corrosion protection, solderability, brazing, stain resistance, ductility, wear resistance, and to improve the overall appearance.

These metal finishing coatings can be applied in with rack plating (an electrical fixture) or by barrel plating (in bulk). Applications include connectors, metal packaging, lead frames, heat sinks, enclosures, battery components, and numerous other electronic components.

Electroless nickel can be applied in a rack or a barrel. At Arlington Plating Company we specialize in metal plating on a wide range of substrate materials including aluminum, zinc die cast, magnesium, copper alloys, and steel.

Transistor and diode package bases, caps, and pins are plated with electroless nickel to provide corrosion protection, solderability, and to allow the brazing of caps to the bases.

Electroless nickel is also used in capacitor manufacturing. When the conductor area of the capacitor is made of silver paste, electroless nickel plating can be used on the fired silver to provide a solderable connection.

Another example of electronic components employing electroless nickel plating are heat sinks, which are devices used to cool semiconductors during operation. They are constructed of aluminum or copper for heat conductivity, with a large number of closely-spaced fins to facilitate heat dissipation. Metal plating on heat sinks can be done with conventional electroless nickel or black electroless nickel.

Electroless nickel provides corrosion protection for the base metals and provides a surface that is receptive to soldering, brazing, or welding the semiconductor in place. It would be impossible to achieve the same results by electroplating because of the limits imposed by current distribution. Electrodeposited nickel would not reach into the many recessed areas of such a complex part. Electroless nickel deposits a uniform coating thickness on all surfaces.

White bronze is an alloy of copper, tin, and zinc which has earned widespread acceptance for use on RF connectors, contact elements and solder pins. Since white bronze is nickel-free, it provides a high-performing silver substitute, which offers an exceptional finish for jewelry and other decorative applications, including electronics. White Bronze plating uses standard rack equipment.

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