Science, Quality, and Environmental Compliance

The foundation for metal finishing is science. This is the approach we take at Arlington Plating Company. We work closely with our chemical suppliers and the metal finishing industrial associations to use the best practices to control our processes. Our lab is staffed with chemists and lab technicians whose job it is to keep our processes in control.

We use several manufacturing methods to control our production including process control, continuous improvement, root cause and corrective actions. All of these methods rely on our processes to be in control. In our laboratory we develop the process cycles necessary to obtain a range of desired outcomes to support our production. We measure the key constituents with a determined frequency to maintain statistical process control. Methods used by our chemical lab include: analytical titrations, UV-Visual Spectrograph, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, hull cell testing, specific gravity testing, surface tension readings, pH monitoring, and atomic absorption spectrography.

Our quality management system is the cornerstone of our business. We use our system to improve and maintain our ability to produce product that meets our customer’s requirements every time. This quality management system defines the process and provides a framework for training, corrective action, and continuous improvement.

Environmental and regulatory compliance is essential in our business. We use water in our process to rinse our parts. This water is continuously treated and purified in our internal waste water treatment operation before it is discharged. The fumes and vapors we produce during the plating process are captured with scrubbers and then sent to our water treatment operation. The sludge that we produce in our water treatment operation is sent off site to a company the recycles the metals and puts them back in the economy.

Laboratory Capabilities

The lab at Arlington Plating Company uses a multi-faceted approach to ensure that any electroplated product produced is of the highest quality.  [...]


Quality Management System

The Arlington Plating Company’s Quality Management System follows the guidelines of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO's purpose was to create global standards that companies around the world could use.  [...]


Environmental Compliance

Arlington Plating has a strong commitment to the environment and environmental compliance. This commitment to compliance is ensured through a multidiscipline approach of recycling, reuse, and monitoring.  [...]