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In the middle of a smoky casino floor stands a slot machine, looking as shiny as a 1955 Buick Roadmaster. The cherry, lemon, diamond, and grape symbols are encased by a frame made of zinc die cast which is coated with magnificent chrome plating. Since 1950 the gaming industry has been decorating slot machines with layers of copper, nickel, and chrome electroplating. The final chromium layer imparts a lasting shine to the frame so that it can be used thousands of times and still looks like it just came out of the box!

Arlington Plating Company specializes in nickel chrome electroplating on aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die castings. Our technical metal plating capabilities make our process ideally suited for providing nickel chrome plating services to manufacturers of slot machines, video poker games, and other casino accessories. We usually work with a die caster who provides the casting. We work to establish cosmetic zoning areas and then start the production with our metal polishing and buffing department. The next step can require copper electroplating followed by layers of nickel and a final topcoat of chromium. The final steps are just as important – rinse, dry, inspect, and then carefully pack and ship the frames to our customer.

What’s important to our gaming industry clients? Adhesion, appearance, and longevity are what most of our customers emphasize. It is critically important that the applied coatings have very strong bond adhesion to the base material. Appearance needs to be appropriate for how the machine is viewed (all view areas should be flawless). Finally, the nickel chrome finish needs to last longer than the slot machine itself. Arlington Plating Company is the premiere choice for gaming machine chrome plating. Don’t take a chance on anyone else!

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