Substrates and Finishing Specifications

Arlington Plating Company specializes multi-layer nickel chrome plating on aluminum, zinc die cast, and magnesium. We provide processing for all exterior nickel-chrome specifications on automotive applications such as fuel doors, emblems, running boards, step boards, roof rails, and window trim.

Arlington Plating also applies this nickel chrome electroplating, with its superior corrosion protection and appearance, on interior applications such as knobs, door handles, interior trim, shifter paddles, and door trim. Our final finishes can include bright chrome, satin chrome, and black chrome.

Our chromate conversion coatings meet the following requirements while providing enhanced corrosion protection and decorative finish.

  • MIL-C-5541F — Class 1A Yellow and 3 Clear
  • RoHS Compliant

Plating on Aluminium

Aluminum can be alloyed with a range of metals to enhance performance and structure including copper, silicon, magnesium, and zinc. Aluminum is light weight and high strength and is used on motorcycles, automobiles and airplanes.  [...]


Plating on Magnesium

Magnesium castings and thixomolded components can both be electroplated to improve the appearance and corrosion resistance. Common alloys of magnesium include aluminum, zinc, and manganese.  [...]


Plating on Zinc Die Casting

Zinc die castings are a unique choice for countless decorative and functional applications. Zinc is a relatively dense metal, which has a feel of “substance” and durability.  [...]


Plating on Steel and Stainless

Iron is the most widely used metal in the world, from seat buckles to steel exhaust pipes. Electroplating is a common approach to protect steel from corrosion.  [...]


Plating on Copper Alloys

Copper and its alloys such as brass or bronze are used for musical instruments, ornaments, ice machine evaporators, and electronic components. Copper has excellent electrical characteristics and thermal conductivity.  [...]



Decorative chrome plating continues to be the coating of choice for many metal finishing applications. Chromium is widely used in the metal finishing industry for both decorative and functional plating.  [...]