Motorcycle Chrome Plating

Metal Plating for Motorcycle Manufacturers

Starting with the famous S&S Cycle air cleaner cover in 1985 eventually lead Arlington Plating Company to being a recognized commercial plating supplier to Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Arlington Plating provides the highest quality metal plating for motorcycle manufacturers on a wide range of applications.

Our motorcycle clients are experts in making mirrors, brake systems, control systems, and engines. We offer strong technical support to clients developing successful metal finishing solutions to meet the functional and cosmetic requirements through nickel-chrome plating.

Arlington Plating Company works to maintain life-long relationships with our customers by working together to solve challenging motorcycle chrome plating applications and managing the metal finishing which meet and exceed expectations.

Motorcycle Chrome Plating Specifications

Motorcycle Chrome Plating has changed over the years to include semi-bright nickel, bright nickel, micro-porous nickel, and either bright or black chrome finish. Chrome plating thickness specifications have increased and the expectations for longer term corrosion protection have also influenced the construction.

Motorcycle Chrome Plating Applications

Mirrors, mirror stems, handle bar covers, master cylinders, brake and clutch levers, instrument panels, side cover panels, primary covers, fuel tank emblems, tail light housings, handle bars, brake calipers, air cleaner covers…..Arlington Plating Company uniquely specializes in plating on aluminum, plating on magnesium, and plating on zinc die cast.

Whatever motorcycle chrome plating needs you have, turn to the industry experts at Arlington Plating.

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