Automotive Chrome Plating

Metal Plating for Automobile Manufacturers

Automotive metal plating applications require an increased amount of traceability, functional and cosmetic inspection, and continuous improvement. We have developed process control systems to meet these enhanced metal finishing requirements and utilize a range of approved test laboratories to validate plating thickness, electro-negative potential, micro-pore count, corrosion performance and a range of other automotive specific test requirements.

Arlington Plating Company specializes multi-layer nickel chrome plating on aluminum, zinc die cast, and magnesium. We provide processing for all exterior nickel-chrome specifications on automotive applications such as fuel doors, emblems, running boards, step boards, roof rails, and window trim. Arlington Plating also applies this nickel chrome electroplating, with its superior corrosion protection and appearance, on interior applications such as knobs, door handles, interior trim, shifter paddles, and door trim. Our final finishes can include bright chrome, satin chrome, and black chrome.

Automotive nickel chrome plating uses a sequence of unique nickel layers to develop the corrosion protection required for exterior applications. These layers include a nickel strike, semi-bright nickel, high sulfur nickel, bright nickel, micro-porous nickel, and chrome plate. Each layer has a prescribed thickness, hardness, electro-negative potential, and purpose in developing a coating system that will meet your requirements. Some applications will also require a layer of copper plating or electroless nickel plating prior to the final layers of nickel to enhance the coating adhesion.

In addition to metal plating, Arlington Plating Company offers complete polishing and buffing services for aluminum plating, zinc die cast, and magnesium plating on manual and automatic polishing lines. In compliance with our ISO 9001 certification we carefully control all of our processes to supply consistent high quality finishes that are delivered on time year after year.

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