Laboratory Capabilities

As an industry-leading Top Shop, we recognize that the need for best-in-class laboratory services is required by our Tier 1 and OEM customers to certify that the highest quality coatings are being consistently applied to components. It is for this reason that Arlington Plating Company employs a multi-faceted, quality-driven approach to ensure that our chrome, electroless nickel, and bronze electroplated products, as well as our aluminum anodizing meets stringent product quality and testing criteria for a diversity of industry applications.

Hardness testing is used to determine the hardness of semi-bright deposits.

Our highly skilled team of technical engineers and quality professionals are equipped with advanced laboratories that include instrumentation to conduct chemical analysis and material reliability testing. Sample plating and testing for bath composition analysis, troubleshooting and characterization of plated features and deposits are conducted on a daily basis.

Arlington Plating Company has the capabilities to perform virtually any analysis to ensure continuous production of high quality electroplated and anodized products. In instances where additional supported is beneficial, we have established long-standing alliances with leading chemical suppliers and local A2LA accredited laboratories.

Our in-house analysis and testing capabilities in combination with employing statistical process control methodologies differentiate Arlington Plating Company from many other metal finishing and anodizing companies today.