Commercial Plating Services Utilizing Nickel Quad Plating System

When it comes to the exterior automotive chrome plating  process make sure the company you choose for your commercial plating services employs a Quad Plating System.

Exterior automotive chrome plating has 2 main requirements: It has to look good and it has to last a long time.

In the exterior automotive chrome plating process the final finish is chrome, which provides a translucent or clear deposit over the nickel. Chrome works well as a final metal plating finish because of its hardness and scratch-resistant properties.

The chrome oxide is clear so the chrome won’t tarnish; this means a properly plated chrome part will have the same appearance many years later. However, other metals will turn yellow (nickel) or green (copper) as they age.

The current standard for the exterior automotive chrome plating process is referred to as a Quad Nickel Coating system, which is 4 layers of nickel, not including the nickel strike.

The first step is a semi-bright nickel plating which is a Sulphur-free deposit of pure nickel. Semi-bright nickel is the thickest of the 4 layers, and can be anywhere from a half millimeter to 1 millimeter thick.

The next step is a high-Sulphur nickel, which is designed to improve the overall corrosion protection in the nickel system.

What makes the part look really brilliant is the bright nickel plating process. Bright nickel has additives to improve appearance, and is the 2nd thickest layer of the 4.

The final nickel layer is microporous nickel. This thin layer of nickel has thousands of small particles in the deposit which prevent large sites of corrosion.

As an industry leading, certified commercial plating company, we provide automotive metal plating services for various industry icons. We’ve employed our Exterior Quality Nickel Chrome System on Harley Davidson emblems which were forged parts made from aluminum. We’ve also provided commercial plating services for motorcycle brake calipers that have been manufactured from an aluminum die cast.

Arlington Plating Company performs a wide variety of commercial plating services for all kinds of industries and parts.

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