Plant Manager sought by Arlington Plating Company, Palatine, IL. Duties incl: Resp for all production at electroplating facility, incl 3 plating lines, 2 buffing groups, & mgmt of over 100 employees; 50 hrs/wk; On call 24 hrs/day. Reqs a Bachelor’s deg or equiv in Industrial Mgmt, Chemistry, Operations Mgmt, or rltd field or foreign equiv; & 10 yrs exp in Industrial Mgmt or rltd field. Must have knowl of multi-layer nickel chrome plating on extruded aluminum reqd. Knowl of the electroplating process incl specific knowl about chemicals & how they interact in the line. Understanding of chemistry. Knowl of process & fin’l analysis. Knowl of fin’l mgmt, budgets, & strategic planning techniques. Knowl of statistics, quantitative methods, and advanced quality techniques. Knowledge of quality tools & able to interpret statistical data. Knowl of regulatory reqmts incl safety & environmental regulations. Knowl of the following plating specs: General Motors (GMW14672) – Minimum Plating Structure & Performance Reqmts for Decorative Chromium Plated Metallic Parts; Toyota (TSH6504G) – Electroplated Chromium Coatings for Decoration; Chrysler (PS-9406) – Chromium Plating – Decorative – Bright Finish – Aluminum Alloys – Exterior Service; Ford (WSS-M1P73-C1 & WSS-M1P73-C2) – Plating Chromium, Decorative Exterior, Aluminum Level 1 & 2 Corrosion; Nissan (M 4063) – Decorative Chromium Plating; Honda (HES) (D 2003-05) – Electroplating (for corrosion prevention, rust prevention & decoration); Harley Davidson (HC2.03.16 Version 9) – Cosmetic Standard – Plated, Polished, Brushed & Cosmetically Machined Surfaces; Polaris (ENG-SPC-10-001) – Decorative Chrome Plating & Polishing Spec; Yamaha (QAI-103) – Chrome Spec; Whirpool (464427) – F-16 Nickel Plated Finishes Over Metal Substrates; ASTM (B 253-87) – Preparation of Aluminum Alloys for Electroplating; SAE Int’l (J207 MAY2012) – Electroplating of Nickel & Chromium on Metal Parts – Automotive Ornamentation & H/ware. Reply w/resume to: Ted Dobbels, Arlington Plating Company, 600 S. Vermont St, Palatine, IL 60078.