Aside from creating an aesthetically pleasing product, nickel plating is desired for its corrosion resistance properties.

Since nickel is more noble than the substrate, the substrate will typically tend to corrode. Arlington Plating Company leverages a highly technical and systematic nickel plating process in order to support greater corrosion resistance.

The first layer of nickel we put on is a nickel strike layer which acts as a foundation layer for subsequent layers of nickel.

The second layer is a semi bright nickel which goes on top of the nickel strike layer. The layer of semi bright nickel accounts for 60-80% of the nickel thickness.

The third layer is a high sulfur layer. The higher sulfur content in this layer serves as a corrosion trap, preventing corrosion from attacking the substrate or the base material.

Next, we plate bright nickel on top of the high sulfur layer. Finally, we add a microporous layer which has inert particles of aluminum that are co-deposited with microporous nickel. This helps spread the corrosion product throughout the part microscopically, so you don’t have large corrosion sites.

Arlington Plating Company is known worldwide as an innovator and industry icon in metal plating and finishing. We proudly serve a wide variety of customers, including automakers, motorcycle manufacturers, aerospace manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, and consumer product designers and manufacturers.

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