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5 Electroplating Questions that are Key in Determining the Right Finish

Your Electroplating Guide to Proper Material Selection
When it comes to determining the right finish for your product/application, there are 5 electroplating questions that are key to consider when selecting a metal plating material.

Our electroplating guide below highlights the most important questions to consider when selecting the right electroplating finish for your product/application, specifications, environmental […]

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Electroless Nickel Plating Benefits

There are a number of electroless nickel plating benefits that many companies are not aware of when choosing a metal plating method.

Below are just a few major advantages to electroless nickel plating:
Electroless Nickel Plating Thickness
The unique substance composition enables complete uniformity in electroless nickel plating thickness. Achieving this level of specificity in metal finishing is imperative […]

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Arlington Plating Company became an ESOP company in January 2016! Congratulations to all the employees of Arlington Plating Company on this new opportunity! ESOP is an Employee Stock Option Plan which employees have the opportunity to grow ownership in the company over time! Best of Luck to APC!

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Nickel Plating Process and Corrosion Resistance

Aside from creating an aesthetically pleasing product, nickel plating is desired for its corrosion resistance properties.

Since nickel is more noble than the substrate, the substrate will typically tend to corrode. Arlington Plating Company leverages a highly technical and systematic nickel plating process in order to support greater corrosion resistance.

The first layer of nickel we […]

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Tesla Decorative Chrome Plating

Satin Chrome Plating on Zinc Die Cast for 2014 Tesla Door Handles
Arlington Plating Company is honored to have been selected to provide satin chrome plating on the interior door handles of the 2014 Tesla. We performed the decorative chrome plating on zinc die cast.

Tesla Motors utilizes innovative technologies that improve performance, safety, comfort and convenience, […]

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Automotive Chrome Plating on 2016 Cadillac CT6

Satin Chrome Plating on Magnesium Paddle Shifter for New Flagship Sedan
Arlington Plating is proud to have been a part of the automotive chrome plating featured on the 2016 Cadillac CT6. The new flagship Sedan from General Motors features paddle shifters with satin chrome plating. As a well-known specialist in the industry we were able […]

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Black Chrome Rises in Automotive & Motorcycle Applications

There has been steady growth in automotive and motorcycle plating applications using Black Chrome as the final finish. When applied over a base of bright nickel, both the Black Chrome and the Bright Chrome have a brilliant appearance.

This image shows our prototype Maserati brake caliper.

Arlington Plating specializes in chrome plating, including Black Chrome plating. […]

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Cadillac Decorative Chrome Plating

Decorative Chrome Plating on Cadillac ATS Paddle Shifters
Arlington Plating Company provided decorative chrome plating for the 2013 Cadillac ATS magnesium paddle shifters. For this automotive application, a dusk chrome finish was used when plating on magnesium. These high-end paddle shifters are known for their use among professional racers.

The Cadillac ATS paddle shifters are the […]

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Arlington Plating Ranks Among Top Plating Companies in U.S.

Arlington Plating was recently recognized by Products Finishing magazine as one of the Top 50 metal plating companies in the U.S.!

The winners were selected based on results from an online metal plating and finishing survey. Conditions were based on metal finishing technology, operations, best practices and business dealings.

View the full Products Finishing Top Shops […]

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Copper Buffing Produces “Show Chrome” for Smoothest Finish

Arlington Plating utilizes “copper buffing” to produce what is known as “show chrome.” Copper buffing is a metal finishing strategy that yields the smoothest finish for decorative chrome plating. The magnesium, aluminum or zinc die casting gets polished and buffed, followed by the deposition of a thick layer of copper. Nickel chrome plating adds the […]

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