Anodizing Service Added to Metal Finishing Offerings

Revered as an industry leader among metal plating companies, Arlington Plating Company is excited to announce that we will be offering commercial anodizing very shortly. This anodizing service enables us to expand our product offering into a whole new area!

Anodizing is an electromechanical process that forms a protective aluminum oxide coating on the aluminum finish. Most parts that are anodized are extruded aluminum alloys. Beautiful colors can be achieved with an anodized finish, including reds, blues, golds and more!

Our commercial plating company has primarily provided plating on aluminum, magnesium and zinc die castings, with our main stay being nickel and chrome products. Soon, we will be adding a new finishing solution to our line – aluminum anodizing.

Currently, we’re in the middle of building a large line to do automated anodizing for automotive parts, as this will be our first initiative in commercial anodizing. Parts will be placed on racks and processed horizontally as they go through a sequence of about 40 stations.

Arlington Plating is excited to be your commercial anodizing company, as well as your commercial plating company!