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Welcome to Arlington Plating

Automotive Sector

When it’s your job to put a flawless
chrome finish on 20,000 parts each week...

Motorcycle Sector

... and when everything you do
reflects everything you see...
Perfection is the only option

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Contact Arlington

600 S. Vermont Street | P.O. Box 974 | Palatine, IL | 60078-0974 | Phone: 847.359.1490 | Fax: 847.359.1499


When it comes to our process control there's no room for luck. That's why we rigorously test our solutions and our plating deposits every single day

Water and Air Purification

When you use 100,000 gallons of water each day like we do, you have to work hard to protect the environment

The Future of Plating

For much of the metal finishing industry magnesium just may be the future, but at Arlington Plating that future is today

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