Laboratory Capabilities

Commercial Plating Company – Lab Technology & Intelligence

Our commercial plating company lab utilizes a multi-faceted approach to ensure that any electroplated product we produce is of the absolute highest quality.

Our commercial plating company lab has the capabilities to analyze the electroplating process solutions. We utilize traditional methods such as titrations, hull cell testing, and pH analysis. Along with these traditional methods, more sophisticated techniques like high-pressure liquid chromatography, atomic absorption Spectrophotometry, and UV/Vis spectroscopy are also used.

The analytical results from testing all the electroplating process solutions generate a collective library of data. This data is stored in a specialized laboratory computer program. It is through the use of this computer software that Arlington Plating’s laboratory monitors and maintains process control over its electroplating solutions.

Parameters for each chemical constituent of every electroplating solution are set up in the software. Some of these parameters include target values, upper and lower specification limits, as well as calculated addition quantities.

The software generates a statistical analysis on any tested component based on analytical inputs. Range charts, moving range charts, histograms, run charts, CpKs, Cps, PpKs, and Pps are just some of the statistical tools.

Along with the ability to sample and analyze the electroplating process solutions, the Arlington Plating lab also has the ability to test the thickness of any finished product that is plated. Coulometric thickness testing as well as X-ray fluorescence are methods used to determine plating thickness.

We have the capabilities to perform nearly any analysis that is necessary to ensure that electroplating solutions are running optimally, as well as generating a high quality electroplated product. In some instances where additional testing is required, Arlington Plating has the ability to call upon chemical supplier laboratories as well as a local AL2A consulting laboratory.

It is through the ability to analyze our own electroplating solutions, utilize statistical tools from specialized laboratory computer software, thickness testing of electroplated product, and when necessary, the use of additional labs as a resource that Arlington Plating Company’s lab ensures that its electroplated products are of the highest quality.