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Commercial Plating Company Leads Industry with Highest Quality Products & Standards

Arlington Plating Company provides metal plating and finishing services to manufacturers needing decorative and functional electroplating. APC specializes in plating on light weight materials including aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die castings. As an industry leading commercial plating company we produce the highest quality chrome finish and corrosion protection to meet your application requirements.

Whether your requirement is bright nickel chrome, satin nickel chrome, black chrome or electroless nickel we have the solution for you. Technology is the foundation of what we do here at Arlington Plating Company. We are known for our capabilities plating on aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die castings. Our chemistry lab supports our business 24/7 using wet chemical analysis and sophisticated scientific instrumentation to control our process.

New Anodizing Operation Now Open: Our new aluminum anodizing line represents over a $2 million investment and produces MIL-A-8625 Type II (sulfuric) anodizing with high pH sealants, die coloring and electro color capabilities. Meeting pH 13.0 requirements as mandated by the automotive industry for exterior trim applications, the automated line processes parts up to 100″ in length.

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Environmental Compliance at Arlington Plating Company: We recycle over 95% of the waste generated from our plating operations. We use the best available technology for reuse, recycling, and treatment of our air, water, and metal parts. We continue to investigate and implement better methods of environmental compliance and chemical management.

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